Community governance

Growth DAO is a decentralised organisation powered and run by owners of GRWTH. Ultimately, the strategy and direction of Growth DAO can be determined by a significant proportion of its members. Blockchain technology has been utilised to codify many of the dynamics of the commercial framework outlined in this white paper. However, there will inevitably be key decisions to be made from strategy proposals to startup funding choices to whom to accept as a growth expert.

There are 3 steps in the community governance process:

  1. Proposal formation - community members can discuss proposal ideas within our Discord and community forums. These proposals can be drafted and peer-reviewed. This will help to form detailed improvement plans and initiatives, which are in the wider community's best interest.

  2. Proposal formalisation - Once a month, community members are encouraged to attend and participate in Growth DAOs Town Hall meetings. This online video conference is facilitated by the founders and opens up the floor to any validated community member with backing to bring a proposal to the community. Voting Proposals will be presented and formalised in these meetings.

  3. On-chain vote - Once a voting proposal has been formalised and agreed upon in the Town Hall meeting, an on-chain proposal will be outlined in Snapshot. Sufficient acceptance will be needed by GRWTH holders. Once processed, the results will be recorded on-chain and actions taken by associated members.

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