For startups

Flexible workforce, adapting to rapidly changing needs

Growth DAO provides startups with an on-demand pool of the best talent, all highly motivated. As a startup scales, it will need highly specialised skills: a branding expert, a designer, a web-developer, a growth strategist, a content marketer, an SEO specialist, a PPC expert, a Sales Development Rep, the list goes on. Before hiring all of this talent, you need to test out whether it is needed for your project, and if it’s needed on a full-time or freelance basis. Having access to a pool of this talent, using reviews and reputation as a guide, will enable your business to scale rapidly.

Hiring process is slow and expensive

Alternative growth options using traditional organisational structures come with wastage. When hiring, recruiters and ‘middle-men’ are often involved as well as other costs associated with hiring, both of which add unnecessary costs to working with talent. Often this talent is localised to a specific geographic zone, which may be adding cost of living costs to the price paid. Startups these days are looking for quality talent globally of the best value. This is increasingly being sourced by talent networks (like UpWork). However, these Web2 platforms take 30-40% of hiring, compared with Growth DAO’s 10% equivalent. Hiring or using a traditional freelance platform are time-consuming and risky options, because the startup is likely to pay upfront and they can only hope the talent is good enough or meets their needs.

Maximise the efficiency of your resources

A startup founder’s requirements change. They may only need a branding expert for a couple of months. They might have a PPC campaign that might not be generating a Return on Investment (ROI). They might need an analytics expert to drop in for a quick review. Startups need specific people, with specific skills to solve the hard problems at their startup. It doesn’t make sense to hire these people, founders would end up letting them go in a matter of months. The alternative is for them to be flexible and get a wide variety of available skills at their fingertips. Instead they can set clear expectations on timeframes and deliverables and maintain relationships for future projects.

Efficient Web3 team management

In collaboration with our partners, we’ve built a technology platform to manage freelance talent at scale. Startups will have access to the pre-vetted pool of Growth DAO talent, with the option to create favourites for their organisation. The talent pool is easily searchable based on skills, industry and availability. New projects can be easily created and resourced quickly with the best expert talent. Contracts are drawn up and published on the blockchain. With payment settled automatically as agreed, either in Crypto or Fiat, but always recorded on the blockchain.

An effective, validated growth process

We don’t just record the contracts, we record the results. Building a startup requires data, and we collect a lot of it. Our experts are trained and reviewed on their ability to report back on key metrics and their use of experimentation in the growth process. Once the Growth Strategist has created a Go-To-Market plan, a full report will be produced monthly and KPIs discussed. This framework has been created by Growth Division, a node on Growth DAO, which has used this to scale companies such as Weavr, Addland, Clade, Breezy, and well over 50 other startups over the last few years.

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