We have a culture of experimentation

Experimentation generates sustainable growth. Startups are always searching for new ways to grow. Whilst growth hacking has gained momentum, Growth DAO realises there is rarely a 'silver bullet' (or hack) to solve growth problems. Instead, organisations must build and adopt a growth process of experimentation. Startups will find initiatives that are scalable and you can continuously embed these into an organisation to generate sustainable growth.

Setting out experiments, running a monthly review and evaluating results using data is baked into the Growth DAO culture. The core team has proven this is how to grow a company and want to help educate our community and clients. Initiatives will fail, but that's OK. If we’re not failing, we’re not being innovative enough. Adopting a growth experimentation process enables the community to test out ideas and frame activities in a way which will give Growth DAO breathing space to innovate.

Startups are inherently unknown entities and we're hypothesising which channels they can use to reach their customers (who are often untested as well). With so many variables, not everything is going to come off. We need to experiment to succeed and have an agile approach to startup development. We ensure incoming community members have this mindset and offer training on this methodology.

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