Growth DAO is inherently based on trust. The first line of defense is the process of accepting new members into the organisation. Growth DAO will evaluate prospective members based on their reputation and intentions. This means that the teams will be made up of respectable humans.

Nonetheless, we appreciate that there are a number of unsavoury actors in the crypto space and hacks are rife. The below measures will be implemented to reduce the risk of attack and loss.

  1. The token will be created on smart contracts to the EC-20 standard

  2. Tokens for core team, partners and founders will be locked and vested over 5 years, this reduces the impact of supply and price drops.

  3. Community moderators will be present 24/7, once we reach 250 community members

  4. We will use Decentralised Exchanges for our Liquidity Pool, reduce collapse of a centralised exchange

  5. We will limit the number of Liquidity Pools setup to USDC, reducing impermanent loss risks

  6. We will incorporate a company on the British Virgin Islands to establish a legal framework to fall back on.

  7. GRWTH tokens aren’t attainable for direct purchase, members with significant capital aren’t able to buy a majority share and significantly impact governance voting.

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