The future of Growth DAO

Throughout this whitepaper, we’ve outlined a new framework for a global community of startup enthusiasts to cooperate with trust and build the next wave of startup organisations. The ecosystem will have the ideas, talent, capital, resources and network to create exponential value for its members. The convergence of these factors, combined with blockchain technology, presents an exciting opportunity for innovation. An opportunity that can take many forms and variations, as determined by the creativity of the entrepreneurs and growth experts. We leave the strategic direction of the organisation in these capable hands. The stewardship of Growth DAO will be offered to those who deserve it for generations to come.

The path we’ve set upon leads to value creation from startup fees and exits. This is a well-tested and proven model for outsized returns and wealth creation for owners. Democratising this process will align incentives and build value in GRWTH. However, we expect and encourage new initiatives, revenue streams, working groups and community building. Adaptations will invariably happen at the startup client level, through rapid experimentation, and at the organisation level. All with the vision to build a portfolio of organisations with a combined market cap of $10bn.

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