Creating a self-managing organisation

We've stated a clear problem with the current hierarchical organisation paradigm. There is mounting evidence that more autonomy increases creative problem solving, improves productivity and reduces wastage, therefore costs. Self-determination theory, developed by psychologists Edward Deci and Richard Ryan, broke new ground in understanding intrinsic motivations. It outlines that people are motivated by the need to grow through independent work. This theory, backed by research, has been proven over and over in the workplace with new methods for organising and incentivising workers based on granting independence. Jos de Blok’s self-management model implemented in the Dutch healthcare sector removed overbearing management structures and gave nurses more decision-making power, leading to substantial increases in healthcare quality whilst simultaneously reducing costs.

Growth DAO has outlined a framework for a new organisation design, based on the Teal Structure proposed by Frederick La-Roux. We’ve empowered ‘self-management’ of the community with advice based decision making and peer-to-peer reviews. We’ve fostered a sense of ‘wholeness’ across the organisation, with freedom of location and freedom to be fully yourself. Finally, a sense of purpose is rife throughout Growth DAO. We’re building the next wave of Web3 startups, where big visions and purpose are table stakes. It is no surprise that the individuals in Growth DAO are highly motivated and trusted to deliver results. Everyone is aligned through the incentivisation mechanism the GRWTH token provides.

Starting an enterprise now requires a new outlook on human resourcing. Startups are inherently innovative in their worldview and generally open to new ways of operating. Where needed, Growth DAO aims to educate our startup clients on the benefits of this organisational structure and help disseminate this as best practice. We will empower the next wave of startups to adopt new organisational structures and deploy blockchain technology to operate as a DAO. We’re on a mission to drive widespread adoption of DAOs and support these projects with our resources, including operational, human and capital.

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