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Growth DAO is led by Tom and Tristan, co-founders of Ordoo and Growth Divison. We’ve been in the trenches building startups for 9 years, learning how to build companies to be proud of. The last 3 years we’ve spent helping over 50+ startups scale their ideas, launching a remote first growth team of marketing experts. We realised the fundamental building blocks needed to scale a business these days. When we found out about the blockchain technology empowering DAOs, it clicked - now is the time to roll out our processes globally.

Tristan fulfills several key roles as a Growth Advisor. He’s a co-founder, new business generator, CRM expert, martech whizz, drum n bass track recommender and European correspondent from his current base in Lisbon.

He went to university with Tom before joining Europe’s largest tech distribution firm in their Business Intelligence unit. There he learned just about everything there is to learn about CRM, automation and analytics. Eventually, Tom brought him in to work on Ordoo, where they navigated the mad world of London start-ups and eventually got taken over by an investor.

From there, Tristan became a freelance CRM strategist and worked with 25 start-ups over the course of 18 months helping them get their customer journeys, automations and Spotify gym playlists right. He then started Growth Division with Tom to help other start-ups overcome one of the biggest challenges Ordoo faced: finding and validating channels to market.

Tristan’s incredibly unflappable, calm and collected no matter the challenge. Beyond the day job he’s a coffee obsessive, avid adventurer and explorer, and wins the prize for most jarringly variable hair during lockdown Zooms. One day it’s an afro, the next it’s a grade 1 buzz, the next it’s a mullet. How he does it, no-one knows.

LISBON – Founding Partner

Tom’s entrepreneurial instincts started young. In his teens he started a small venture selling child identification cards to parents and got the taste for running a business there. He studied the boring-sounding but infinitely practical Business Administration course at the University of Bath, and after a couple of stints as a product manager at Accenture and Vodafone came back to what he really wanted to do – starting a business and growing it. Ordoo was the result – a mobile ordering app – perfect for the Pandemic Age, only he had the idea back in 2015 when most restaurant owners hadn’t even heard of QR codes.

Tom grew Ordoo with the help of Tristan, and they experienced the UK start-up world on the ground and in the trenches. One of the biggest headaches they noticed for founders was finding and properly validating channels to market – enter: Growth Division. After Ordoo was taken over by an investor they started the agency to help other founders get that piece of the puzzle right.

Tom’s a positive, dedicated, committed team leader with a restless need to find new and creative ways to grow startups. Outside of work you’ll find him testing side hustles, flogging himself half to death doing IronMan challenges and occasionally sipping IPAs and whiskys (maybe at the same time).

LONDON – Founding Partner

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