Organisational problems

It is in human nature to work in organisations. But in the past few years, technology has enabled us to form relationships without ever meeting ‘face-to-face’. We can effectively work together with a laptop and internet connection. But the real challenge is finding a way to truly motivate people - not just to complete tasks, but to pull together as a team to reach a shared goal. It’s a higher, more powerful, but rarer form of motivation that goes beyond earning a monthly paycheck. To do this, there needs to be a way for each of us to earn our slice of the pie and get rewarded fairly. Growth DAO presents a new and more effective people management and incentivisation model that is changing the way we build and grow startups.

A key organisational problem in the startup world Growth DAO is looking to solve is the age-old problem of getting sufficient funding. Too many ideas and projects are falling by the wayside due to funding. Current Venture Capital models rely on a handful of partners to make decisions on who to invest in. That’s assuming they even look through the thousands of ideas being generated by inspirational individuals globally. It’s time to remove these gate-keepers of capital and enable funding to be community driven.

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