Decentralised dispute resolution

Below is the process for dispute resolution

  1. Talk it through

    1. The first step of any dispute is to talk through the issue with your Growth Advisor or Growth Division Representative. Talking it through can also include the founders.

    2. You should set up a recorded video meeting specifically to discuss the topic. If one party refuses or doesn't attend this meeting, then this will count against them in the proceedings that follow.

    3. A reminder notification for payment will be made before the due date

  2. Submit a Dispute Claim

    1. If an amicable decision has not been made, then either party is able to submit a Dispute Claim (here)

    2. The claim must include required fields, such as the invoice number and date in question, the desired outcome, supporting evidence, a short statement and any witnesses to the dispute.

    3. The Growth Division dispute team will then assign a representative to the case and inform the relevant parties.

    4. A dispute claim must be submitted within 7 days of the associated invoice date. Claims after this period will not be considered and the full-payment will be claimed.

  3. Claim response

    1. The receiving party will get the chance to review the Dispute Claim and either accept the terms of the desired outcome or file a counterclaim to justify their actions. This will include a counter desired outcome.

    2. If a counterclaim is filed, the claim representative will also ask nominated eye witnesses for statements.

  4. Open jury process

    1. Assuming the counter claim is rejected, the case will move to a jury arbitration for rational judgment.

    2. A maximum 750 word statement may be submitted by either party at this stage.

    3. Growth Division has collected a pool of community members, advisors, investors and our wider network to agree to be a potential Jury Member. 3 people will be selected at random from this pool by the representative.

    4. The Jury Members will decide on the merit of both claims and determine the desired outcome. A 2 to 1 majority is sufficient to decide.

    5. A summary of the case and statements will be made available to the entire Jury Member community for reference and learning purposes.

  5. Conclusions

    1. The desired outcome will be finalised with the successful party

    2. If the funds are unable to be collected for whatever reason or the process isn't followed, a legal claim will be made against the losing party in whatever their local jurisdiction. All evidence (or lack thereof) will be submitted accordingly.

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