For investors

The inside scoop on the best Web3 projects

We all know that innovation takes investment. Taking on this risk can yield exponential returns. The next wave of innovation in Web3 presents numerous opportunities for ideas and scalable enterprises. Growth DAO is fulfilling the investment piece of the puzzle and providing monetary resources for promising projects. We work with startups and founders day-to-day and have the inside scoop on the projects that have the potential to generate the best returns. We will back these founders and startups with all the resources at our disposal.

Add value to the ecosystem

Web3 is driven by community. Projects are pushing back on traditional funding and Venture Capitalists (VC), whose values are the antithesis of this next wave of innovation. We no longer need ego-centric VC partners to decide on which projects get resources. Growth DAO’s community-first approach will enable more ideas to succeed, driven by individuals with upside in the outcome and who have passion for the projects being worked on. The incentives have shifted from the centralised holders of capital to community members creating value. Investors will not only be rewarded for their capital contributions but also for bringing deals to the community. They will also be rewarded for making introductions or taking advisory positions. We’re aiming to build a roster of successful founders turned investors who share these values and can contribute to the community. We’re pioneering the concept of Decentralised Venture Capital (DeVC).

Decentralised deal flow and early access

We anticipate that this approach will align Growth DAO with the ambition of the most promising Web3 projects. The community will be rewarded with GRWTH for bringing investable deals to the community for review. Reputation will be earned for successful funding rounds and exits. We will formalise this role and create venture scouts, highly connected within their networks. This DeVC approach to deal flow will open up a global set of opportunities, unrestricted by bias or centralised judgment. Our unique approach will significantly increase our ability to connect with these projects and for founders to accept our capital. Access to these projects will be key to our vision to build a portfolio of enterprises with a combined market cap of $10bn.

Received outsized returns and governances tokens

Growth DAO will make 25% of tokens available to investors, available via liquidity pools. Investors will be rewarded with Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens for contributing their capital to Growth DAO. The staking of these tokens to Growth DAO’s smart contracts will earn a hurdle rate of interest, a share of waterfall distributions from successful exits and governance GRWTH tokens. Growth DAO is effectively creating an evergreen investment vehicle for the long-term value creation of the community. We’re the first organisation to operate a DeVC model in this way. Investors’ LP tokens will be first in line for principal repayments and 80% of profits. Key investors will be invited by the community to form investment committees and contribute towards treasury management requirements. As community reputation is earned through staking and contributions, GRWTH tokens and responsibilities will be offered.

Invest in purpose driven projects

Central to the success of Growth DAO will be the startups and projects we work on. Each opportunity will need to have the potential to be a $50m revenue generating opportunity. We are bullish on the future of DAOs and will look to invest in tokens for promising projects we can support. We will also invest in ‘traditional’ equity in startups looking to embrace blockchain technology. Finally, we will consider acquiring 100% equity in community-driven Web2 projects and transitioning them onto Web3 technology and organisational design. The purpose of each enterprise must be strong and attract enough of the community to vote for it. The people behind it must be good and have an honourable reputation. There must be equitable and fair contributions to all who bring the enterprise to life. The people must be looked after, respected and have autonomy. The business model must be sound and perpetually sustaining.

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