Human Problems

Startups can’t find the best people for rapid growth and can’t incentivise them for long-term success. We still live in a world where startups are created and scaled by people, not technology. The best startups need human resources to scale rapidly and achieve breakthrough success. Yet, the current recruitment model is broken and wildly inefficient. Capital and funding are concentrated among a select number of startups and corporates, who hoard the best talent. These companies apply the corporate ‘golden-handcuffs’ and lock the best creative talent into non-creative, monotonous, unproductive roles. The best people are reduced to being small cogs in the corporate machine, finding busy work to fill time.

Corporations are often seen as a place of dread and drudgery, instead of passion and purpose. Old organisational paradigms dictate a centralisation of power amongst executives and board members. These owners set the budgets and strategies, based on high-level information. Swathes of middle management are placed to carry out their directives and often left behind in times of change. And we’re in a time of change. According to Frederick La-Roux (Reinventing Organisations), this dominant hierarchical organisational structure has encouraged short-term thinking, corporate greed, overconsumption, and the reckless exploitation of the planet’s resources and ecosystems.

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