Human organisation is shifting. More and more people want to do something meaningful with their lives and work in organisations with autonomy and purpose. We no longer want to be stuck in an office from 9-5 working on what our boss has set us. People are no longer happy to be a cog in the corporate machine. We’re realising our own potential and striking out on our own. We’re becoming freelancers, creators, startup founders and investors. We have the power to work hard, earn what we deserve and be accountable for our success. We’re becoming our own boss, seeking freedom with time, location and work-life balance. We’re finding wholeness in ourselves and giving back to our community.

The purpose of Growth DAO is to create a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) to unite a global community of entrepreneurial leaders, startup enthusiasts and hands-on investors. A collective passionate about building the future, by contributing either their superpower skills or by contributing their resources. An investor in Singapore will trust a founder from Estonia to build a startup by using developers in India and growth marketing experts from the UK and America. We believe that entrepreneurship empowers individuals to create wealth for themselves, their families and their community, regardless of borders or circumstance.

We’ve been presented with an opportunity - blockchain technology is empowering a global workforce to unite us as a collective of independent individuals with a common purpose. Remote teams can simply form, with commercial contracts automatically created and recorded. Reputation can be earned and leveraged to increase wealth. Collective investments into startups can be easily convened and tracked, the rewards being distributed fairly to those who contributed. Within 10 years, technology advancements and human organisation forces will converge and unleash a world of innovation. This is the vision of Growth DAO and we will build a portfolio of organisations with a combined market cap of $10bn. Our mission is to build startups to be proud of and to create prosperity and security for members at a global scale.

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