For growth experts

Be part of a driven community

We’ve built Growth DAO with our community of freelancers at the core. Tristan spent a couple of years as a freelance CRM and marketing automation consultant, traveling the world and working in various startup hubs. Growth DAO solves our innate human need for community and being their whole selves. We support peoples’ longing to be fully themselves at work and yet be deeply involved in nourishing relationships. We might be remote first, but we make time to connect with each other regularly through online and in-person community events. The unique element of Growth DAO is our ability as accountable individuals to work effectively in teams. We’re creating the next stage of human organisation at scale.

Ownership in the projects you help build

The question remains, how does this collective of people work together effectively? Within the Web3 space we’re seeing a shift of unknown individuals working collaboratively together with trust being formed across continents. It’s a beautiful time to build a startup or to be a freelancer. The organisation is driven by the community and each member gets a say on the future strategy of Growth DAO. GRWTH tokens will enable members to vote on key community decisions, with weighting being placed on those with higher reputation. The aim is to use the GRWTH token to align long-term interests between the startups and the freelancers working on each account. It will now be possible for freelancers to realise the long-term value of their work, regardless if it’s just a short-term project.

Have full autonomy

We don’t tell our experts what to do, they have the freedom to work on projects they can be proud of. The community will decide on what projects to take on. Members can opt-in to work on each project and contribute towards public goals, tasks or challenges. There is a continuous flow of opportunities to work on and generate income, adding a layer of security to the self-employed lifestyle. Growth DAO is a self-regulating talent market, so you’ll be able to secure lots of work if you’re effective. We will only accept the best talent into the community by way of a skills test, followed by an interview with a Growth Advisor (holding sufficient reputation). Each member is continually reviewed by peers to uphold our standards and enable a meritocratic system.

Get paid reliably

Our technology solves the problem of trust in our community. Immutable commercial contracts are made between parties, structured on either a weekly, monthly or project basis. Payment is handled by the platform, with no possibility of being late or inaccurate. There is a pre-agreed, clear dispute resolution process to review each case by impartial community members, this removes any subjectivity from people with vested interests in the outcomes of the disputes. For every payment in the ecosystem, a corresponding contribution is made in our GRWTH token. Which respectively build the reputation of the freelancers in their team and at an organisation level. The more time committed to Growth DAO, the more revenue earned and the more reputation mined. Coupled with an extensive review system, the best talent will rise to the top and be rewarded for their continued commitment.

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