Roles within a growth team

The core team at Growth DAO have spent the last 3 years working with 50+ startups across the world, building scaleable marketing channels. We’ve learnt a lot about creating a flat organisational structure to effectively manage a decentralised, remote team. We’ve stripped out the layers of management seen at traditional agencies, removing the ‘fat’ in expenses like offices, perks and travel. This team structure is the best value for scaling startups.

  1. Growth Advisor - Holds significant reputation in the community and has transitioned from a Growth Strategist upon a successful community vote. They are responsible for speaking with prospective startup clients and finalising the proposal for new community members. They will close new opportunities for the community and remain in touch with the key stakeholders to align success.

  2. Growth Strategist - The Growth Strategist is an acting fractional-CMO for startup clients. They are the project lead, maintaining the relationship with the startup client lead. They are the ones responsible for ensuring the project is delivered within expectations. Growth Strategists are key to Growth DAO and glue the organisation together.

  3. Growth Experts - Startup growth relies on accountable expertise. These are the people doing the hard work and delivering results for startup clients. They have 5+ experience in their area and are passionate about their spacialties. They set their own experiments and agree on realistic growth targets.

    1. Marketing experts - broken down by marketing channel, eg SEO expert, content marketing expert, social media expert

    2. Development experts - A Growth DAO partner node operates a cross-functional team of development experts, specialised in Blockchain technology.

    3. Creative experts - The creative team are responsible for marketing asset creation, from Videos to Memes, they can do it all.

  4. Data and operations experts - For bigger projects Growth DAO will deploy an operations expert, focused on data accuracy and reporting across the growth team. They will also ensure the tooling is integrated and updated regularly.

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